Understanding D'Awakening Art

D'Awakening art is a language of emotional and spiritual expression bridging the chasm between inner and outer realities: it awakens humanity to Self, Life and Potentiality. D'Awakening art taps into one's deepest self and supports spiritual awakening. There are two collections with others to be revealed:

Quest: vibrational energy for spiritual journey

Life-Force: transformative energy for wolds beyond words

A Message From the Artist

D'Awakening Art is sacred in style, topic and messaging. As I grow in my spiritual awakening, D’Awakening art shifts and evolves. I invite you to explore D'Awakening art and discover its vibrational energy. I only ask that you pause, suspend judgment and trust your inner wisdom. Allow the experience you seek to unfold one painting at a time with an open heart and new eyes. 

I look forward to bringing light into your soul.

Dana C. Jurcul

D'Awakening Art


Art for Purchase

Original paintings are available for purchase starting December 2018

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D'Awakening Gallery

Please contact the artist directly to exhibit or acquire paintings from D'Awakening Gallery. 

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Art Book

The manuscript for "Quest To Human Soul" is ready.

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D’Awakening Art is showing now locally and internationally

Public Locations

Limited selection available for purchase at:

Art & Framing, Springfield VA http://artandframingplus.com

Intuitive Healing Arts & Hypnotherapy, Burke VA http://www.stephaniekraft.com


June 2018, Mattawoman Creek Art Center, MD, Light of the Caribbean, national exhibition - exhibited "Pursuit" and "Serenity"

May 2018, Pepco Edison Place Gallery, DC, Golden, international exhibition - exhibited "Legacy" and "Resistance" 

April 2018, Delray Artisans, VA, Outdoors In, Local Exhibition - exhibited "Golden Magnet"

March 2018, Delray Artisans, VA, Touch of Magic, local exhibition - exhibited  "Rising View" 



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